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Memorial Day is of course a day to remember veterans who served for our country to afford us the freedoms we now enjoy. Memorial Day is also the unofficial kickoff for summer, and a time to fire up the grill to start grilling season as well. Wine is the perfect choice that goes very well […]

How Long Does Open Wine Last, Really?

Many think there is a cut and dry format for open wine…”Open wine only lasts three days!” Well, that may be true for some, but really the amount of time a bottle of wine can last open really depends on the type of wine it is. Some wines can only last a day while others […]

Does This Wine Make Me Look Fat?

There’s been many jokes in the past about ‘liquid diets’ or ‘drinking your calories’ and there is some truth to it (although we don’t recommend it!) When some people decide to diet, there are certain wines, or liquors they will stay away from, but is it really necessary? Sure, there are some wines that are […]

Best Wine Apps

We mentioned a few apps last week for your smartphone that make choosing a bottle of wine easier. We’d like to expand on this and share with you some of our favorites, including more details on the two we mentioned last week, Pickabottle, and Delectable. There is an app for every need, and these are […]

What’s the Difference Between Wine Aroma and Bouquet?

The terms wine bouquet and wine aroma are mentioned quite often during a wine tasting. Sometimes, the difference is explained to those who aren’t well versed in tasting wine. Sometimes, however, the consumer isn’t quite sure what the difference is, and what they should be looking for in either aroma or bouquet. What are these […]

Wine Spotlight: Chardonnay

Chardonnay is a very diverse and contradicting wine originating in the Burgundy area of eastern France and produced virtually everywhere. The Chardonnay grape itself has a neutral tone, which is why it’s such a diverse grape to use. Either it is known to lend itself to tropical fruit notes like pineapple or mango, or green […]

Where Wine Flavors Really Come From

Have you ever heard of the Apple Pie made from Ritz crackers that tastes EXACTLY like apple pie, except there are no apples? No apple flavoring, or anything that involves apples; the pie tastes JUST LIKE APPLES. Crazy, right? How can something taste like a fruit or lend itself to a flavor without the actual […]