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How Long Does Open Wine Last, Really?

Many think there is a cut and dry format for open wine…”Open wine only lasts three days!” Well, that may be true for some, but really the amount of time a bottle of wine can last open really depends on the type of wine it is. Some wines can only last a day while others can last open for up to a month! Let’s explore the different types of wine and how long they can last open.



Sparkling Wine


Those fizzies make this kind of wine the least capable of lasting very long. If you store your sparkling wine in the fridge with a sparkling wine topper (these have a tighter seal than the average wine topper), your wine can last anywhere from 1-3 days.


Full-Bodied White and Red Wine


Fuller body doesn’t necessarily mean it will last longer; actually, you’d be surprised to know that light white and blush wines actually last longer! But, as these types of wines are the most popular, it’s easy to see why the Vino Virginia  Wine Tour 2014 - 313-day rule has become the popular rule of thumb. Full-bodied white wines can last in the fridge, corked, for 3-5 days, whereas red wine should be stored in a cool dark place, corked, and will last for the same amount of time.


Light White and Rose Wine


Although the taste may taste subtly after the first day the wine has been opened, the overall character of the wine will begin to diminish the longer you leave it opened, even if it’s corked. You can refrigerate this type of wine for 5-7 days before it’s no longer enjoyable.


Specially Contained Wine


These are the wines that are stored in boxes, or bags, and are enjoyed in larger quantities. These wines can last 2-3 weeks stored in the refrigerator, however, they do have expiration dates, so be sure to look for that before you open to make sure you can enjoy it before it goes bad.


Fortified Wine


Fortified wines are characterized as Port, Sherry, and Marsala. These wines have been fortified with Brandy which allows them to last much longer than their counterparts. So long as you keep them safe from light and heat you can enjoy these wines for as many as 28 days! Note:  the sweeter the wine, the longer it will last open. Just as the Light White and Rose Wines, the sugars in these keep them from deteriorating too quickly. Just remember to store them in the fridge.

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