Does This Wine Make Me Look Fat?

There’s been many jokes in the past about ‘liquid diets’ or ‘drinking your calories’ and there is some truth to it (although we don’t recommend it!) When some people decide to diet, there are certain wines, or liquors they will stay away from, but is it really necessary? Sure, there are some wines that are ‘heavier’ than others, but what does that mean for your bottom line (pun intended)?


Food-and-wine-events-Wayfarer-DinnerWine itself isn’t the problem. Wine calories are actually not terrible, ranging from 72 to 157 calories per 5 oz serving. Much of this has to do with whether or not it’s a dry (lower in calories) or sweet (higher in calories) wine, and the ABV (Alcohol By Volume) content (the higher it is, the higher the calories).



Most red wines are low in carbs, however, what it does to play tricks on your mind is really the underlying issue. Drinking wine tricks your brain into thinking you’re hungry, mostly because wine has a taste (unlike water) and your brain can’t discern whether that flavor is coming from food or drink. All it’s thinking is “She (or He) is feeding us, time to feast!” And, it’s not just about craving food, it’s about WHAT you’re craving as well. There’s also a reason you don’t crave a salad when you’re two bottles deep. Alcohol enhances the flavor of salt and fat (which is why diners are so popular after two a.m.).


A normal, healthy body should only process a limited amount of alcohol per day, normally about one glass. If you’re trying to watch what you eat (and drink), consider pouring no more than five ounces (which should equal to approximately 158 calories per ounce).  If you must have something salty, consider swapping out the bacon for nuts (almonds preferably).  A small protein-friendly snack before drinking a glass of wine will help keep you from going face first into a bowl of cheese dip.



Personally, we believe you should enjoy your glass(es) of wine, and give yourself a break. No diet works when you’re on it 100% of the time; eventually you burn out. Everything in moderation is key, so give yourself a break and enjoy your time, food, and drinks.


If calories are really an issue, feel free to ask at our next visit to a winery what calories lurk in the tasting you’re about to enjoy to make sure you go into it with your eyes wide open, and completelyfood and wine intact with your caloric goals.

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