Best Wine Apps

We mentioned a few apps last week for your smartphone that make choosing a bottle of wine easier. We’d like to expand on this and share with you some of our favorites, including more details on the two we mentioned last week, Pickabottle, and Delectable. There is an app for every need, and these are our top five picks!





This app allows you to find a restaurant that serves your favorite wines, or to find wines in cities you plan to visit. You can also research and analyze a wine you just tried, and discover a new wine, try it, then write a review!



Take a photo of any wine and learn all you need to know about it using this app. Get expert opinions, ratings and descriptions. According to Dave McIntyre of the Washington Post, “Delectable offers features that Vivino doesn’t. If you like a wine in a restaurant or at a party and just have to have it for your own cellar, you can buy it immediately through the app and have it delivered to your home. Delectable even reduces shipping to a penny for a purchase of 12 bottles. (Disclosure: I have not tried buying wines through Delectable and can’t comment on the service.)

Vivino, on the other hand, pretends to point you to places nearby where you can buy wine — but not necessarily the wine you’re looking at. Just any wine. It is not accurate.”



This app recognizes about 500,000 wines with just a picture of the bottle. Wines that are not recognized by the app are placed in a queue for identification by consumers. This interactive has its drawbacks as mentioned above. Users can add tips or notes, adding to your experience.




Virginia Wine in My Pocket

We are blessed in this great Commonwealth with a generous wine country that’s also dotted by distilleries and breweries as well. With this many options, it can be difficult to navigate which experience is the best for you. This app allows you to search wineries, breweries, distilleries, cideries and meaderies, plus small inns and B&Bs, dining and places to stay and play. There are over 20 search filters to help you find exactly what you want.


Hello Vino


Wouldn’t you love a personal assistance, helping you choose the best wines for your dinner party, or to help you learn more about the wine you do have, making you out to be quite the wine aficionado to your guests? This is what the Hello Vino app can do, plus much more with an interactive interface and a multitude of options. You’ll never go wrong with your wine pairing!



During your wine tour, we will share some of our favorite apps and tips along with careful instruction to broaden your wine experience. Do you have a favorite app you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you!

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