What’s Your Wine Personality?

There are so many deciders on a person’s personality (Meyer-Briggs anyone?) the line between who you are and who a test says you are begins to blur. Do you have a Type A personality? Are you a passive person? Do you suffer from middle-child syndrome? And what do these things mean for the kinds of wine you enjoy?


Surprisingly a lot! Wine (as do many, many things) have an interesting way of weaving themselves into our personalities. Let’s explore the kind of wine personality you have, and what the kind of wine your significant other or potential business partner/client says about them.


Type A Personalities: These people take life by the horns, and are great leaders. They are independent, decisive, and tend to take control over every situation. Unfortunately though, these are the same people who are wound tight, stress out, and are unable to let go of control. These types need wines that stand on their own with a distinct beginning, middle and end.  Red wine lovers would like a red with a strong flavor profile and tannins like a Malbec or Shiraz. For white wine drinkers try Chablis; it’s focused and has a high acidity.


People Pleaser: This person gets along with everyone, has a great disposition, and a sweet, friendly personality.  Unfortunately it’s also easy to put other’s needs before your own and have a hard time setting boundaries. These people pleasers like their wine to be easy to drink and to pair well with a variety of foods. Wines with a smooth finish like a Merlot or Pinot Gris are easy on the palate, and agreeable with a multitude of foods.


The Party Starter: It’s so much fun being friends with you. You’re always the life of the party with your energetic personality; you’re creative and entertaining too. Unfortunately, the party doesn’t stop with you making it hard for you to slow down and be patient. You aren’t one to ponder a decision which can burn more than a time or two. These party people need wines as bubbly as their personalities. A Zinfandel , Grenache, or Veltliner has the high-acidity and fruitiness that compliments this person best.


The Quiet Storm: Stoic and analytical; thoughtful and process-oriented, you’d do great under pressure, and are a perfect fit for military, engineering, or financial fields. Your logical thinking

Vino, Wine, Virginia

Vino, Wine, Virginia

keeps both feet firmly pressed to the ground, which makes it hard for you to think with your heart sometimes. It’s OK to bend the rules sometimes! You appreciate wine that is focused and has complex flavors like a Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc.


Do you fall into any of these categories? Do you agree with the wine personality profile? What wines do you choose, and does it fit your personality? Tell us! We’d love to know; we can tailor the wines to the personalities of our guests during a tour, helping you get to know yourself, your friends, and loved ones in a whole new way!

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