Vino Virginia Wine Tour 2014 - 20

Drink To Your Health!

We hear about wine on the news frequently; certain types are touted as healthier than others, some stand by the belief that red is better for you than white, and what’s young and old wine anyway? It can get confusing to choose what the best type of wine is for your health. If you’re on a diet, or have adopted a healthier lifestyle, you want to continue enjoying wine, however, you want that wine to adhere to your new lifestyle. We hope to dispel some of the myths out there about wine, and help you choose what you think is best for YOU.


Vineyard-Wine_Glass_96dpi_.266164619_stdLet’s start with the age of a wine. Contrary to popular belief the younger the wine, the better. Why? Red wine loses nearly 90% of the anthocyanin content after just a few months of aging. Anthocyanin is the red colored antioxidant we find in fruits from red grapes to blueberries.  Wines like Petite Sirah are high in anthocyanin; adversely, wines low in anthocyanin are Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, and Merlot.


Speaking of antioxidants, Tannins are a powerful flavonoid.  That coated feeling you get on the inside of your mouth from drinking a wine with high tannins, walnuts, certain types of grapes, and certain teas may seem unnatural, but that’s the feeling of the flavonoid-the higher the level of tannins, the better.  Many don’t like the feeling, and that’s ok, however, if you’re looking for a wine that adheres to a certain diet, you may want to stick with high tannin (tart) wines. If you’re interested in a sweet, light wine, you’re better off having a donut. The less sweetness a wine has, the lower the carb level.


So, what’s the best type of wine to have when watching your diet, or adopting a healthier lifestyle?  Cabernet Sauvignon wins on all levels, plus our bodies seem to absorb the nutrients from this type of wine better than with others.


Of course, these are all suggestions. You have to enjoy the wine you’re having, and if you’ve decided to abstain from alcohol as part of your healthier lifestyle, you want to use that opportunity to Vino Virginia Wine Tour 2014 - 11have a glass you truly enjoy. Share with us your health concerns, or if there are any in your party that have health concerns, are vegan, have dietary issues, or anything else we need to know to make your wine touring experience the most excellent day! We are just as concerned about your needs as you are. Talk to us today to help outline your tour together!

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