Wine Etiquette

photo 1aFor wine connoisseurs, wine etiquette is something you don’t even think about. But, there are many wine novices out there who aren’t sure of what is appropriate and what isn’t. Of course, when you’re enjoying wine at home, or with a friend, there are no rules. No one is judging! But, if you’re out with a client, how you drink your wine could be a make or break deal. Learning what’s right and wrong in wine etiquette will make you look like a pro, even if you’re not!


For example, many of us like to cradle our glasses in our hands, allowing the stem to fall between our fingers. This couldn’t be more wrong. Holding the wine like this will warm up the wine, changing the taste and keeps finger prints from appearing on the bowl of the glass. Hold the wine glass from the stem, close to the base.


Also, when your wine is poured, it’s appropriate to first bring your nose to the wine to gather in the aroma, taste the wine by swishing it around in your mouth and taking a moment to find the notes. Just as you wouldn’t go all in to a meal that was served to you without looking up from your plate to thank the host for a wonderful meal, you wouldn’t gulp down your wine without first letting the server/host know how delicious the wine is (even if it’s not that great).


As a lady enjoying a glass of wine, try to drink the wine from the same spot each time. This will avoid unsightly lipstick marks. To reduce the marks even further, as inconspicuously as you can, wet the edge you are about to drink from before your first sip. This will keep your lipstick from sticking to the glass.


If you are the host, and are pouring the wine, hold the bottle towards the base. Why?  Rotating the bottom side of the bottle away from you as you stop pouring will keep the wine from dripping. photo 5s Also, do your best to open the wine as quietly as possible. The popping of the bottle is considered vulgar and in poor taste. Pour your guests the wine in confidence!  Fill the glass less than half way to give wine room to breathe.


Celebrating an event? Clink glasses bell to bell to reduce cracking or breaking, and look the person in the eye-it’s just common courtesy.  Lastly, after you’ve finished your glass, ask your guests if they would like a refill before pouring more into your glass.


Enjoy your wine, and your company! Take these tips with you on your next wine touring event; a great idea for networking groups, business outings, and out of town guests you’d like to show another side of Virginia to!

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