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Your Guide To The Ultimate Summer Wine-Rosé

The summer heat is scorching, and strong, dark wines have made way for lighter aperitifs. When it comes to summer, no beverage evokes the lazy days by the pool or backyard barbecues like a Rosé.



Rosé isn’t just another alcoholic option-it’s a lifestyle.  It’s also quite misunderstood. No, Rosé is not what happens when you mix red and white wines together. Rosé  wine (which is similar to the red wine method) happens when red grapes are lightly crushed and left to macerate with their skin anywhere from a few hours to a few days. The longer the grapes’ skins are left sitting in the wine, the darker the color of the finished Rosé and the more it takes on the tannic characteristics you would normally find in red wine.


Rosé isn’t made from any specific grape or region-it’s just a genre, no different than red or white.  Rosé’s are actually a blend of grapes.  Some of the most common blends are Grenache, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, Cinsault, Carignan, and Mourvedre. Unlike some red and white wines however, Rosé’s don’t get better with time. The younger the Rosé, the better, meaning if it’s more than two or three years old, you shouldn’t drink it.


So, what should your Rose taste like? Rose should be fresh and acidic and completely versatile. This happy-medium flavor profile makes it a great accompaniment to just about any meat, and easily transitions into cocktails as well.  Rose mixes well with fruity and fizzy drinks-the possibilities are (nearly) endless!


So, which are our favorite Virginia Roses? For starters, we’re big fans of the Boxwood Rose.  The apricot and peach scents blend well with the strawberry and sour cherry notes. Also, we enjoy the Breaux Rose. The light to medium body evokes strawberry scents.


Don’t be afraid to try a Rosé. It’s a refreshing wine that is perfect for the hot weather. If you know nothing about Rosé, and want to learn more about the great options Virginia has to offer, take a trip with us through wine country and discover some of the best Rosés in Virginia! We offer group packages that fit into any of your needs; tell us what you want out of your tour, and we will match the tour that’s right for you!

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