Stuck With Bad Wine? Try These Tips!

It’s hard to imagine having a bad wine made in Virginia, but there are times when we’ve run out of our favorite Virginia selection, and are stuck with a sub par bottle. What do you do when you have a cheap wine you don’t want to throw away, but don’t want to consume as is either? There are ways to make the wine palpable; with just a little creativity, you can improve the taste of that cheap wine until you can get your hands around a good ol’ bottle of Virginia Wine!


  1. Make A Wish!


Take a whiff of your wine, does it have a hint of rotted eggs or a newly struck match? That’s the sulfur-related compounds. Take a clean penny and drop it in, swirl and wait for a minute. The copper will dissipate the odor and make a big difference in the vino.


  1. Just Whip It!


Did you know if you pour a bottle of wine in a blender and blend for a minute, it acts like an aerator?  Try this decanting hack with a bottle of 2013 Cabernet Franc from the Winery at Bull Run. This wine combines aromas of berry, fig and smoke with hints of cocoa, blackberry, black and white pepper is taken to another level with this easy yet effective method.


  1. Mushrooms Make Everything Better


There’s no scientific reason why, but it’s reported that umami-rich mushrooms will make less than stellar reds taste better. If mushrooms aren’t your thing, and the red in question gives your mouth the feeling you’re rubbing sandpaper on your tongue, try pairing with red meat. The fat and protein will neutralize the rough tannins.


  1. Who Needs Trader Joe’s?


If the wine you have is so bad, you can’t drink it, yet you still don’t want to throw it away, you can turn it into vinegar.  Turning red or white wine into vinegar is surprisingly easy, and is a great use of nasty wine. This is also a great method for leftover wine.


  1. When In Doubt, Just Mix It


There’s no saving that red wine, but you’re still opposed to throwing it away. That’s ok, we understand. Why not do as the Basque do and use it as a mixer? Meet the Kalimotxo  . This ‘poor man’s sangria’ is quite delicious. Or, of course, you can make actual sangria as well. Either way, mixing the wine with something (anything) will make it all that much more palpable.


If the idea of cheap wine sounds like a cardinal sin, consider going on a IMG_1921tour of Virginia wine country to sample some of the best wines in the region (dare we say, of the country?). Corporate event, networking, nonprofit, or just a friends or family outing, we have the tour that will make any wine you have a pleasurable experience!

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